Mariana Mogilevich


Arts, Environment, Public Space
Curatorial, Editorial, Writing


Urban Omnibus

A digital publication dedicated to observing, understanding, and shaping the city


Cleaning Up?

A multimedia, multi-part series on Urban Omnibus examines the dark arts, magical thinking, and regenerative possibilities of environmental remediation


The Invention of Public Space: Designing for Inclusion in Lindsay’s New York

A history of a watershed moment when designers, government administrators, and residents sought to remake the city in the image of a diverse, free, and democratic society


A World of Waste

A video game, Katamari Damacy, where a diminutive hero must reconstruct a universe in physical disarray is an apt metaphor for the task of redesigning a world made from waste


The Location of Justice

A special series on Urban Omnibus examines the pervasive infrastructure of criminal justice in New York and the spaces that could serve a more just city


Corona Plaza Es Para Todos

A special publication of the Queens Museum that reflects on its involvement in the programming and re-design of Corona Plaza, a public plaza in Corona, Queens