Mariana Mogilevich


Arts, Environment, Public Space
Curatorial, Editorial, Writing

Urban Omnibus

The Architectural League of New York | 2016-present

Urban Omnibus is The Architectural League of New York’s online publication dedicated to observing, understanding, and shaping the city. We raise new questions, illuminate diverse perspectives, and document creative projects to advance the collective work of citymaking.

As editor in chief of Urban Omnibus since 2016, I have commissioned hundreds of editorial features from artists, designers, scholars, and writers, and created and edited two special series: Cleaning Up? and The Location of Justice.

Here are a few of my favorite commissions and collaborations:

You’re Not Going to Tell Me When to Go Home ︎︎︎
Latchkey Living ︎︎︎
Organic Machines ︎︎︎
Cataloging Comfort ︎︎︎
Front of House ︎︎︎
Super Strategies ︎︎︎

Editorial, Writing

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